About Us

About Us

Propelling higher education forward

Quad Learning, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating more affordable pathways for students to earn their bachelor’s degree. Quad Learning is a venture-backed startup that collaborates with leading community colleges to jointly develop and deliver American Honors, a competitive 2-year honors program designed for high ability students who plan to complete the remainder of their bachelor’s degree at a top-tier college or university.

Quad Learning provides several critical services for its network in the development of American Honors:


Student Services

Our personalized advising services provide students with a network of support throughout their time in the American Honors program. Our advisors specialize in course planning, career exploration, four-year transfers, financial aid and increasing student retention at each collaborating community college.


Advanced Learning Technology

Courses and advising services are developed and delivered through Quad, our innovative learning platform. Leveraging the latest technologies, we offer high-quality face-to-face, hybrid and online style courses. Online seminars on Quad are facilitated through a state-of-the-art virtual classroom. Student performance and engagement data from Quad are used to the optimize our program delivery and advising services. Integrating a variety of leading social and academic technology tools, our platform serves as the hub of the American Honors experience.


Faculty Support and Development

Recognizing that skilled faculty are essential to a quality college education, Quad Learning seeks to foster a community of educators at each of its network institutions, supporting faculty with extensive training and resources. Community College Faculty are paired with instructional designers to offer unparalleled support in order to develop their courses using the best available multimedia, tools, and technology.  Faculty also gain access to a national network of educational resources, instructional technologies and high-quality honors curriculum shared across our collaborating community colleges.


Recruitment & Selective Admissions

Quad Learning assists community colleges in implementing selective admissions processes, including the development of the application and application review process.  Recognizing that potential is reflected in many ways, we look holistically at academic, extracurricular, co-curricular, and work accomplishments when determining fit. Global student recruiting opportunities have recently emerged, expanding the Quad Learning network internationally. Students world-wide seeking a US degree participate in the American Honors program as an affordable pathway to a four-year institution. Our collaborating community colleges are then given the opportunity to host international students, enhancing student body diversity.


Marketing Strategy and Services

At Quad Learning, we provide community colleges with marketing strategy and services to attract new students to the college and leverage American Honors to enhance the overall brand of the college. Our services include strategic planning, competitive analysis, brand awareness, direct marketing campaigns, social media, live events, public relations, online presence, and search engine optimization.


National Transfer Network

Quad Learning is transforming the space of higher education through the American Honors program. The extensive networks of the program benefit students, faculty and institutions through resource sharing, innovation and improved transfer outcomes and pathways.

Current Community College Network

Ivy Tech Community College 
(Indiana: select campuses)

Jackson College 

If you are an administrator or faculty member at a community college and are interested in learning more about collaborating with Quad Learning, please contact info@americanhonors.org, attn: Lauren Comber.